Comparison of "The Tiger" and "The Lamb"

Topics: Poetry, The Tyger, Poetry by William Blake Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: November 14, 2009
William Blake was a romanticist poet, who wrote poems during the Industrial Revolution. He was born on 28th November 1757 in Westminster, but spent most of his life in London. William became an engraver at the age of fifteen and on each of his poems original prints, there is an engraved picture. He eventually owned a business in engraving. When he was nearly 25 he married a lady called Catherine Bouchier, whom he was happily married to for 45 years. In 1784 he published his first volume of poems. His poems are all very different because he wrote them at different stages in his life and when he was experiencing different emotions. His most well-known collections of poems were “Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience”. “Songs of Innocence” were written in 1789 (and later added to in 1794) and “Songs of Experience” were not published on their own. In 1794 a collection called “Songs of Innocence and Experience Shewing Contrary States of the Human Soul” was published featuring The Lamb and The Tyger, two completely opposite poems. The Lamb is one of William Blake’s poems from “Songs of Innocence”. It was written during one of the happier periods of Blake’s life, whereas The Tyger, (from “Songs of Experience) was said to have been written at a depressing time for him and his family. The Lamb is a gentle poem, which is believed to have been written as if it was narrated by a child who is talking to a lamb, whereas the narrator in The Tyger is (in my opinion) quite an old man/woman who has experienced most of their life. I believe this because The Lamb has a naive, simple sound to it, almost as simple as a children’s nursery rhyme but The Tyger sounds like they have learnt a lot from life and the vocabulary has a broader range than a child. It is said to be themed around God and creation but also Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is symbolised as a lamb and as a child in the Bible. It also is themed around whom or what created the lamb and praising whoever did....
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