Comparison of the Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?>

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O Brother, This is Not Even Close To the Odyssey
Everyone loves to immerse themselves into a dramatic and extraordinary story with evil monsters, brave hero's, and the desperate will to survive. It allows you to escape your troubles and take you to a new and exiting please with each and every second. However, there are some stories that simply do not capture the essence of breathtaking adventure. The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? created by the comedic team of Ethan and Joel Coen, simply does not capture the perplexing classic story. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Is the big screen remake of Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey". This original story is about the adventure of Odysseus as he escapes his seven year imprisonment from the goddess Calypso. This Epic hero battles numerous monsters on his desperate attempt to return home to his wife Penelope, whom he meets again in a heartfelt reuniting. However, in the re-make film, a man named Ulysseus is a prison escapee that is desperate to keep his wife, Penny, from marrying another man, lying and cheating his way to reach his goal. The Coen brothers have created such a disappointing excuse for capturing a real hero and his adventures to be reunited with his true love. It is near idiotic. The story is so foggy and distracted by the unneeded details, and it abandons the true meaning of the heartwarming story.

When a person imagines the heartfelt reuniting of a husband and wife after being separated for seven painstakingly long years, you dream of the relief and joy of the meeting. The story of "Penelope" in "The Odyssey" by Homer reflects this idea exquisitely. The Coen brother's O Brother, Where Art Thou? Has a somewhat similar take on the story of Penelope. No matter the specific and thoroughly shown facts that the epic poem is much greater than the comedic film. The wife of Odysseus in the epic poem is named Penelope, and extremely similar to the name of Ulysseus's wife,...
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