Comparison of the Administrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama

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The administrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama both began with the Nation in economic hardships. Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted many policies that we still use today. Barack Obama has also has taken steps to help America come out of the economic recession we have recently faced. Both Presidents were also in office when the nation was involved in war. Below are a summary of both Presidents’ administrations. Franklin D. Roosevelt took office as the 32nd President of the United States on March 1933. When he began his administration the nation was in gulfed in an economic depression. In President Roosevelt’s first hundred days in office he presented the nation with the New Deal, which directly involved government in economic and social life. This was key since at the time of his election an estimated thirteen million Americans were unemployed and almost every financial institution was closed. The administration proposed to bring recovery by enacting several pieces of legislation later called the alphabet agencies. President Roosevelt work to pass the AAA (agriculture adjustment administration) which was legislation to help support farm prices, CCC (civilian conservation corps) which provided jobs for young men. Learning from the 1929 stock market collapse the administration also began regulating the stock market and insuring bank deposits. Also they enacted the Emergency Banking Act, Economy Act, Beer-Wine Revenue Act, and the Federal Emergency Act. The administration also worked on subsidizing home and farm mortgages and giving aid to unemployed workers. President Roosevelt’s administration’s job was to put faith back into the economy and rebuild the nation. Things did begin to get better for Americans and President Roosevelt did meet some resistance with his policies. In 1935 he pushed for more New Deal legislation. He established the Work Project Administration to help not only labors with jobs but the struggling artists such as musicians,...
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