Comparison of Sytems and Scientific Theories

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Comaprisonof Systems and Scientific Theories
Theories of OrgComm
Organizations have evolved in many different ways throughout history. On one spectrum of the different theories that are to be examined is the Scientific Management theory, which has its roots in early forms of organizations and uses a theme that is based on efficiency. The other theory that will be used to compare and contrast with Scientific Management will be Systems theory. These two different perspectives are exactly that, different, however there may be certain types of organizations that would be more efficient using either of the theories as a backbone to the way their organization functions. My interest is based on the basic principles of these theories and the similarities and differences that arise within the core of what they represent. And the different work environments that these two theories are being used and why that may be. Systems Theory

System’s theory relies heavily on the theme: maintaining that a system is greater than the sum of its parts. It is defined as “the trans-disciplinary study of the abstract organization of phenomena, independent of their substance, type, or spatial or temporal scale of existence. It investigates both the principles common to all complex entities, and the models which can be used to describe them.”( Heylighen, 1992)In a system, interdependence is an aspect of System Theory that is essential. A person or employee is dependent on the company they work for, and the company is also dependant on the person to perform the tasks that they are required to. In order for there to be satisfaction on both ends this communication must occur. Information flow is an essential part of this theory and the idea of which direction information is being sent and the feedback that is received is a main aspect to this theory. This is shown with the sender, message, channel, and receiver model. Scientific Management...
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