Comparison of Religions

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Everyone has different beliefs and cultures. Religion is important in our society and every religion is different. Although they all have some similarities. All religions give us some kind of stress and anxiety reducing effect. They also impart us with an emotion of satisfaction and happiness. Religions offers hope that after we die there is another life. Christians believe that you go to heaven, Aboriginals believe that your spirit lives on and returns to significant sights within the country. Cherokee Indians have a similar belief to what happens after death – to Christianity beliefs. Cherokee Indians also believe that you rise up into a heavenly place, but God also gives you a choice of where you would like to go. This written report will compare comparing the three above named religions, and proving and all religions have similarities and something in common.
One of the things Christianity, Aboriginal beliefs and Cherokee Indian beliefs have in common is that they all have Sacred Stories. Sacred Stories are stories repeated for hundreds and hundreds of years, answering big questions of way of life and creation.
Aboriginal Sacred stories are called Aboriginal Dreaming. Dreaming however is not a creation myth; the Aboriginal community refers to them as myth of formation. Dreaming stories are stories of formation and how certain objects or places came to be. Here is an example of one creation (formation) dreamtime story; Life started when a creator woman called Warramurrungundjui came out of the sea and gave birth to the first people and gave them the languages. She carried with her a digging stick and a dilly bag holding yams, water lilies and other important plants. She planted the food and created waterholes with her digging stick on the ground. Other creator beings appeared...After completing her creative act, Warramurrungundj turned herself into a rock.
S. Breeden and B. Wright, Kakadu, Looking After the Country - the Gagadju Way

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