Comparison of Mexico and Brazil

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Mexican Revolution& Brazilian Revolution Lauren Lee
World History Spivey B class
November 14th, 2007

All revolutions that exist or have taken place in this world are full of the revolution traits that were evidently pointed out throughout the book, Anatomy of Revolution written by Crane Brinton. One classification of the revolution that was mentioned in this piece of literature was, “A revolution is a drastic, sudden substitution of one group in charge of a territorial political entity by another group hitherto not running that government.” Some revolutions may approach this definition in a varied way. Many people think that revolutions only cause trouble and dismay. All the same, have you every considered of a peaceful revolution? Those two words “peaceful” and “revolution” may seem ironic together. Nevertheless, there is a severe illustration that had occurred in the past that proves the existence of this satirical phrase and the unique way of approaching a revolution: the Brazilian Revolution. In addition, I will be comparing the similarities that were showed among the Mexican Revolution and the Brazilian Revolution. Due to the reason of proving that the “peaceful revolution” is still considered an act of Enlightened citizens fighting for their rights.

To start out, there are three major parts to the revolution, according to the reading that was in Anatomy of Revolution: cause, sequences, and the consequences. The cause of the revolution mostly states the basic ideas on why and how the revolution sparked. In this case, Brazilian Revolution, the Portuguese all of a sudden appear out of the blue to the sacred land of Brazil. They were on their way from fleeing their country due to the attack of Napoleon. These unexpected people arrived at the land of Brazil and unbelievingly they start ruling over the natives. Of course the Brazilians were baffled by this action. The Portuguese start taking away the Brazilians’ privileges and...
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