Comparison of Kate Chopin's The Kiss and Dante's Inferno

Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: July 10, 2009
What a Kiss Means
I recently read some interesting short stories titled The Kiss by Kate Chopin and Dante's Inferno by Dante Alighieri. Both these stories are alike and different in different ways.
A comparison of these two short stories is presented throughout this paper. Although, I enjoyed both stories one was easier to picture than other. Dante's Inferno was better because it has more descriptive details than the story of The Kiss.

The difference between the two short stories is the settings and the period in time in which they took place, not to mention, one author is a women and the other a man. A man's description of something thats happened will be totally different from a women's description of the events.

For instance The Kiss takes place time in a formal more setting and was written in 1897-1899 by Kate Chopin. She lived in St. Louis, Missouri. The story took place when the Industrial Revolution and feminists were just beginning to start.

As for Dante's Inferno it took place in the underworld otherwise, known as Hell. This short story was written in 1314 by a man named Dante Alighieri. He was born in Florence, Italy. His inspiration for writing the story because of the death of his mistress, whom he loved, named Beatrice.

This being said the two stories are both explaining what a kiss and love brings into ones life. The forbiddingness of showing affection or the embarrassment for having sinned due to a kiss A Kiss 2

is described in both stories by each author. This makes these two stories similar in that way too.
The story Dante's Inferno describes love and a kiss when Frenseca speaks to Dante saying: '' Francesca, the torment that you suffer brings painful tears of pity to my eyes.' . But tell me, in that time of your sweet sighing how, and by signs, did love allow you to recognize your dubious desires''? And she to me: ''There is no greater pain than to remember, in our present grief, past happiness (as well your teacher...
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