Comparison Of Grand Theorists According To Types Identified By Meleis

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Comparison of Grand Theorists According to Types Identified by Meleis

Maria R. Uy

Maryville University

Nurses over the years have studied diligently various papers especially different theories that would affect and dictate how they will manage their clients. In order for one to be more familiar with these theories, I will compare 4 grand theorists as to types identified by Afaf Ibrahim Meleis. Dr. Meleis is a professor of Nursing and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and has published numerous scholarly papers and books that dealt with nursing theories. She has established four types or school of thoughts of theories: Needs, Interaction, Outcomes and Caring/Becoming. These four school of thoughts will be the basis of my comparison.

Comparison of Grand Theorist According to Types Identified by Meleis
In these paper four grand theorists were selected and compared according to their educational background, philosophy of nursing, definition of nursing and goal or purpose of theory. Table 1 will show how each theorist differ from each other and as well as their similarities.
Table 1.
Comparison of Grand Theorists According to Types Identified by Meleis:

Needs theorist
Interaction theorist
Outcome theorist
Caring/becoming theorist
Name of theorist
Dorothea Orem
Hildegard Peplau

Myra Levine
Jean Watson
Educational Background
>1931, Seton High School, Baltimore, Maryland (Dorothea Orem Collection, n.d.)
>1934, Diploma, Providence Hospital School of Nursing
(Dorothea Orem Collection, n. d.)
>1939, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Catholic University (Dorothea Orem Collection, n. d )
>1945, Masters of Science in Nursing Education (Dorothea Orem Collection, n.d.)
>1931, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pottstown, Pennsylvania School of Nursing(Wayne,2014)
>1943, Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Psychology, Bennington College, VT(Wayne,2014)
>1947, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, Teachers College, Columbia

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