Comparison of Freedom of Speech :Malaysia vs China

Topics: Democracy, Communist state, Nobel Peace Prize Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: October 29, 2013
The reason of Restriction of Speech in China
1. Protecting their current political regime
The land that’s covering over china in over 9,700 km, and the population has exceeded over 14 trillion. Due to the land being too wide and have overpopulation has occurred in China, it has made China quite hard to manage. Chinese government has the fear afraid of information by leaked or spread by someone that could stir up people's emotions, thus creating dissatisfaction amongst the people towards the party that running the country, So to avoid the occurrence of similar incidents, they are extremely strict in the control of information ,due to the fact China is a communist country. China government emphasise on the people for the government allegiance .So that , China does not allow any questioning voices exist. 2. Maintaining national stability

China is build up by the 55 Chinese ethnic minorities. Since Mongolia’s independence in 1949, many ethnic minorities tried to become independent autonomous. For protecting china stability, china government blanks off the difference voice. The reason of Restriction of Speech in Malaysia

1. Maintenance of racial harmony
Malaysia composed by Malay,Chinese,Indian. Due to issue of racial is sensitive in Malaysia, Therefore, many people will try to incite inter-ethnic issues in an attempt to incite national security. 2.Protecting their current political regime

Since 13 May incident, the Malaysia Government has been working hard to suppress dissent, strict control over traditional media for spreading out unfavourable feedbacks of the Government, for example: Operasi Lalang , and PRINTING PRESSES AND PUBLICATIONS ACT1984

In my opinion, by comparing the two countries, i am more respectful to the Malaysian regulation because China is a communist country whereas Malaysia is a democratic country. Malaysia has tried for several years to come through the democratic method of reform, to make Malaysia a country where freedom...
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