Comparison of Forehand Groundstrokes

Topics: Tennis, Boris Becker, Serena Williams Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 5, 2006
In this paper, I will compare the most basic skill in tennis, forehand groundstroke from two sources, our textbook, ¡°Game, Set, Match, A Tennis Guide¡± by James E. Bryant, and an article from the May, 1996 issue of Tennis magazine, ¡°Becker¡¯s Booming Forehand¡± by Tony Trabert.

Forehand groundstroke is probably the most common shot in tennis by far. It is crucial to the success in tennis. In our textbook, it mostly talked about the basics about the skills. For example, it talked about how one should hold the racket, the eastern forehand grip. How one should move ones feet and shoulders and so on. In Trabert¡¯s article, it concentrated on one famous player¡¯s powerful forehand groundstroke, namely Boris Becker¡¯s. This article didn¡¯t have as much detail on how to approach the shot as the textbook does. In addition, Becker used a western grip as compare to the standard eastern grip that suggested by our textbook.

One major difference between the two sources is how detailed they were. The textbook¡¯s intended audiences were beginner tennis players, so it focused on the details of the basics. For instance, Bryant wrote, ¡°The basic forehand groundstroke has three stages: preparing to hit the ball, contacting the ball, and following through. Each stage must be performed in sequence¡± (13). And after that, he talked about each stage in more details and illustrated with pictures. In fact, the book even included a chart about Learning Experience Suggestions and a chart about how one can eliminate common errors in the end. Both charts were very helpful to beginners by the way. Well, to me at least. At the very end, the textbook also talked about how to hit a forehand slice groundstroke and a forehand topspin groundstroke. Although they are also illustrated with pictures, the book did not go into nearly as much details as it did on the basic forehand groundstroke.

On the other hand, Trabert¡¯s intended audiences were the more experience...

Bibliography: James E. Bryant, Game, Set, Match, A Tennis Guide, 4th Edition, Morton Publish, 1997
Tony Trabert, "Becker 's Booming Forehand", TENNIS, May 1996, pp46-47
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