Comparison of Flag . the Bayonet Charge and the Right Word with All Quite on the Western Front

Topics: Knitting, Novel, Army Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: June 2, 2013
The poems;
Flag by John Agard
The Bayonet Charge by Ted Hughes
The Right Word by Imtiaz Dharker
And the Novel All quite on the Western Front .
Show us different aspects of the parties that are involved in the conflict. Flag by John Agard explores the patriotism and pride over sovereignty of the motherland. How a piece of cloth , a flag can unite people from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures to fight for a mutual agenda symbolizes grandeur ,the love of their country to such extent where they can give away their lives for that symbol of unity. In the poem “The bayonet Charge”, the poet portrays a transition of a patriotic soldier trapped in the chaos of a battle field where his patriotism disappears and are replaced with fear when sights of death and anarchy are experienced. The battle for the country shifts to a battle for the soldier’s own survival.

When related to the Novel we can easily spot out the part where the the teacher whose impassioned speeches convinced Paul and his friends to join the army at the onset of the war. The teacher uses an idealistic, patriotic, and poetic manner to convey the concepts of national loyalty and glory. In his letter to the young men, for instance, he calls them “Iron Youth,” implying that they are hard, strong, and indestructible. But As Kantorek(the teacher) and his speeches are recalled throughout the novel, Paul (the central character of the novel)and his friends become increasingly disgusted by them , their experience of war has been completely changed their views and thinking. Before studying the novel “All quiet on the western front” our team, just like everybody, thought of the German side as an Evil one and that the Allied Forces were righteous. But now as we think about this, it doesn’t matter .War can affect almost every aspect of society. It can change the way we think about others or the rights of others. It can shape prejudices or right injustices. There is no right side or the wrong side....
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