Comparison of Financial and Managerial Accounting

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Financial accounting refers to accounting and oversight of the companies have completed a comprehensive system of campaign funds, that the external economic stakes of investors, creditors and the government departments concerned and enterprises to provide economic information of the financial position and profitability as the main target carry out economic activities. Financial Accounting is an important foundation work of modern enterprises, through a series of accounting procedures, provided useful information for decision-making, and actively participate in management decisions, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, service in the healthy and orderly development of the market economy. Management accounting, also known as "internal report accounting", it means: to present and future campaign funds, to enhance economic efficiency for the purpose of internal managers provide the scientific basis for management decision-making as the goal of economic management activities. Popular financial accounting is the total company accounting processes, cost accounting is the part of management accounting is a financial accounting calculation based on future projections of the company.

In economic management, accounting work is an important part of one is closely linked to the effective operation of economic and accounting work. Comparison of management accounting and financial accounting for the study of accounting work in-depth research and analysis. Overview of management accounting and financial accounting

Management Accounting Management Accounting refers to the conditions of market economy, to strengthen management within the organization, organize the best value for money as the ultimate goal, to organize business activities and value of performance as an object through the financial aspects information on deep-processing and re-use, in order to achieve the accounting branch of the process of economic forecasting, decision-making, planning and control functions. Financial Accounting Financial Accounting refers to the currency as the primary unit of measurement of the transactions or events that have taken place in the organization the use of specialized recognition and measurement at the same time as the main form of financial accounting reports regularly to the organization of different economic stakeholders provide external accounting information accounting. Second, the comparison of management accounting and financial accounting To a better understanding of management accounting and financial accounting, the links and differences between management accounting and financial accounting are discussed below: A. Contact management accounting and financial accounting

Financial accounting and management accounting on the functional objectives and data sources are the same as the two basic content of the modern accounting. Both from the same mother, complementary, indivisible. Financial accounting, fixed accounting procedures and methods, production and business activities within a certain period of time and the results formed by the registration books, and other information. This information not only can be applied to the outside, can also be applied internally. Management accounting by the financial accounting information processing, making it the management accounting information, so as to improve the internal management services, at the same time provide the necessary conditions for the accounting supervision. Management accounting and financial accounting functions of the target mainly through the provision of information for enterprises and other organizations to provide a full range of consulting services, in order to effectively improve management, promote cost-effective upgrade. 2 the difference between management accounting and financial accounting From the perspective of the service object, the organization's internal management accounting services to the enterprise management requirements is met in the...
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