Comparison Of DSL And CABLE

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Comparison of DSL and CABLE

Comparison of DSL and CABLE
DSL and cable are the common broadband modems used to convert analog into digital information on the internet. DSL is a modem that connects the computer to a phone enabling the transmission of digital data. A DSL eliminates the need to purchase an external modem. Internet Service Provider companies offer DSL free with a subscription to their services. A DSL connects on the USB port of a computer with a sending and receiving speed determined by the modem. The DSL sends and receives data packets at hundreds of Kilobits in a second. The Asymmetric DSL (ASDL) and ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL) are some of the DSL technologies available (Frenzel, 2013).

DSL enables the user to access the phone line and the internet at the same time. It works faster than the dial-up and provides the user with the ability to choose different connection speeds at a cost. The disadvantage of DSL is that the receiving speed of data is faster that the sending speeds. DSL may not be available in remote areas inconveniencing users from these locations. Users far from the provider’s central location experience slow transmission speeds. Cable transmits digital data over an installed cable line. Cable lines are installed wither externally or internally. Data sent and received through cable depends on the Megabits per second registered. The advantage of cable is that it does not base the performance on the distance of the base station. Cable provides users with faster speeds than DSL and dial-up. The disadvantage of cable is that all users registered share the bandwidth set on a single cable line. Sharing bandwidth slows the performance when the number of users increases. It is expensive to use cable in comparison to DSL and lacks connection in remote areas. The choice of DSL and Cable depends on the user’s needs and capabilities.

Frenzel, L. (2013,...

References: Frenzel, L. (2013, October 12). What’s The Difference Between Cable And DSL Broadband Access? Retrieved from Electronic Design :
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