Comparison of Copy Testing Software: CopyOpt, CopyScreen, CopyTest, and CopyCheck

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Advertising Research (Copy Testing)

Advertising is one of the most important and most expensive marketing functions, but a large share of advertising dollars is wasted every year. Seldom is the foundational strategy of the advertising optimal. Rarely are all of the communication issues fully understood. Rarely are ads and commercials adequately tested before they are “aired.” Because of the great strategic potential of good advertising, Decision Analyst has devoted more than three decades of research and experimentation to develop the following advertising services. CopyOpt™ (Advertising Optimization)

CopyOpt is a Decision Analyst proprietary advertising optimization system, is used to help create prototype advertising concepts by determining the optimal combinations of the variables. How Does CopyOpt™ Work?

The basic variables of a brand's advertising are positioning, messages, and images. Once the basic variables of effective advertising for a brand are identified (based on qualitative research and/or innovation services), those variables are used for CopyOpt™, Decision Analyst's Advertising Optimization system. This is achieved by presenting target-audience consumers with choice-modeling experiments. Different positionings, messages, themes, illustrations, imagery, music, etc., can represent thousands of possible ads. CopyOpt™ tests subsets of all of these possibilities to predict the effectiveness of every possible combination of elements. Each respondent usually sees five to 10 scenarios (i.e., combinations of variables). Choice modeling is used to derive the potential selling value of all possible combinations. CopyOpt™ permits hundreds of creative possibilities to be evaluated efficiently. The top 10 or top 15 advertising concepts are identified for additional testing, beginning with CopyScreen®. CopyScreen®

An early-stage advertising research system to evaluate embryonic advertising ideas and concepts in print-ad format in batches of 10 to 20 at a time. CopyScreen® helps identify the most promising creative concepts. The creative process often begins with a large number of creative concepts (or advertising ideas). How well advertising works depends on the strength of the creative concept—the basic underlying logic, messages, and images. Once generated, creative concepts can be tested to narrow the choices down to only the best ideas. How does CopyScreen® work?

The advertising concepts or ideas are translated into rough print ads—each with a headline, body copy, and artwork. Then a representative sample of 200 to 300 target-audience respondents review and evaluate the rough print ads online. Each respondent sees all of the rough print ads (up to 20) twice and answers a series of four questions about each advertising concept. The answers to these four questions are fed into a mathematical model that computes an overall score for each ad. These scores identify the advertising concepts that are worthy of further development. CopyCheck®

An online advertising research system to help evaluate and improve advertising concepts, early-stage print ads, TV storyboards, and radio scripts. Advertising tends to work on the strength of the creative concept (i.e., the basic underlying logic, themes, and images). The creative concept can be tested in the form of a rough execution—before the expense of final production. How Does CopyCheck® Work?

A representative sample of 75 to 100 target-audience consumers are recruited to view each advertising concept. The respondents see only one ad (i.e., monadic test) and then answer a series of questions about their reactions, including both open-ended and closed-ended questions. CopyCheck® provides a “directional” estimate of an ad’s probable effectiveness and provides insightful diagnostic feedback in the form of normative data. The report also includes verbatim consumer responses to open-ended questions. The verbatim responses are extremely helpful to the agency’s creative staff in...
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