Comparison of Cold War Russia and America to "A Clockwork Orange

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Through out "A Clockwork Orange," leaders and governments have a profound affect on the characters. The government of the State lets the young adolescence run wild and rampant. Alex leads his group as a communist dictator who is later over thrown. Both Alex and the State use varied forms of propaganda to convince their followers that they are right. The State and Alex both have similarities to the United States and Russia during the Cold War.

From the vary start of the book the influence of Russia is seen. Alex and his "droogs" hang out at the quite Russian sounding Korova Milkbar which serves milk laced with "stimulants." Also found is the slang language of nadsat, a mixture of cockney English, Russian, and Anthony Burgess's own slang. Alex is immediately pointed out as the ruthless dictator of his droogs, not unlike the communist leaders of Russia at the time.

There are, however, differences between Alex's group and Russia. Russia relied on their industrial magnitude to show the world just how powerful they where. Instead of letting disorder and confusion run rampant, Russia demanded order and respect from its citizens. Alex, his droogs and all of the youth of the state had no order or respect. While Alex may have been the leader, Pete, Georgie and Dim were free to do whatever they wanted.

These differences with Russia begin a comparison with another super power during the Cold War; the United States. The first chapter describes in detail how the youth dressed in the most fashionable clothes when they went out. As they hid from the police in part 1, chapter 2, the glow of televisions was pointed out.

The first leader of the U.S.S.R. was Vladimir Lenin. His main focuses as leader where to bring electricity to all parts of Russia and end the economic depression among the former peasants. He also emphasized women's rights and the education of all Russian people. Under his leadership the secret police was established and...
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