Comparison of Chinese and American Film Industry

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Comparison of Chinese and American Film industry
A Film, also called a movie, is a modern art that combines pictures and voices to entertain people and express certain ethnic or political attitudes and other concerns. Movies have absorbed the characteristics of literature, photography, painting, music, dancing, writing, sculpture, architecture and many other kinds of arts. However, they are not produced through a simple combination, but rather, with a process that includes digestion and recreation. Globally, every country has formed its specific character and strategies in the development of the film industry. The considerable revenue from the film industry is a great incentive for the players in the film industry. According to the statistics, the film industry generated nearly $75 billion dollars in 2003. This is large amount that no one would neglect, especially when the market is still growing (Joseph & Carolan, 2006). On the basis of totally different culture and regimes, China and the U.S have many differences in their development of the film industry and this paper will examine these differences, as well their new development trends and the impacts of these trends. The paper can be divided into three main parts. In the first part, the paper will provide a brief historical review of the American and Chinese movie industries. From the review, it will be seen that the American movie industry was in the leading position during the 20th century. The achievements of Hollywood can even be seen as a miracle. Films produced by Hollywood account for 80-90% of the European film market share (Micheal & John, 2010). Therefore, in its discussion of American movie industry, this paper will emphasize the development of Hollywood. As for the Chinese movie industry, however, although China has lagged behind in its film development, it has been growing more mature and competitive over recent. The development of the Chinese movie industry can be divided into three periods. The first period consists of years prior to the 1960s. During this period, the development of the film industry was slow, partly due to a lack of technology and partly due to political restraints (Jinhee, 2010). The second period is from the 1980s to 1990s, when the movie industry in China began to take off and thrive due to the demand for change, the loosening of political restrictions and the development of technologies and supporting industries (Jinhee, 2010). The last period of the 21st century sees the growing strength and capacity of Chinese film industries in the global market. In the second part, this paper will make a detailed comparison between the American film industry and the Chinese film industry in terms demand, factor endowments and firm rivalry. On the basis of a comparison study, this paper will talk about the impacts of the growing Chinese movie industry on the global movie market. As China is becoming one of the largest economic forces in the world, an increasing number of people would like learn about the Chinese culture and life style from movies. To some extent, the demand for Chinese films in the world market is partly decided by its economic status. The Chinese film industry is also developing quickly with increased adoption of new technology and much cultural influence from other countries. At the same time, many world movie producers have become aware of Chinese traditional knowledge and try to adopt Chinese culture like folk stories and fables, into their own films. Finally, the paper makes a conclusion about the research conducted on the difference between Chinese and America film industry. This paper allows reader to develop a large scale view of the developmental history the of Chinese and American film industry and get to know their different characteristics. The History of the Development of the Chinese Film Industry

The development of the Chinese film industry is a difficult history to tell due to its...
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