Comparison of Brave New World and Handmaid's Tale

Topics: The Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, Science fiction Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: October 18, 2006
The utopia's in both Brave New World and The Handmaid's Tale, use different methods of obtaining control over individuals weather its in a relationship or having control over a whole society, but are both similar in the fact that humans are looked at as instruments. In both societies, the individuals have very little liberty and are always controlled strictly by the government. Brave New World and The Handmaid's Tale create fictional places where the needs and desires of humans are met, but not as well as they should be and not without a price. I think that the leaders in both books sacrifice the majority of the people for the minority. They are selfish and have gone a few steps to far in the severity of the way they run their society. These novels prove that the individual's freedom is sacrificed in dystopic societies when the government controls the knowledge, individuality and relationships of each person in order for there to be stability in the society. In The Handmaid's Tale and Brave New World, through issues of class systems and the control of reproduction, Margaret Atwood and Aldous Huxley forewarn that in an all-powerful society, it is destined to become corrupt.

Both novels treat humans as items and not as human beings. In HMT, the entire structure of the Gilead society was built around the single goal of reproduction. Gilead is a society facing a crisis of radically dropping birthrates and to solve the problem, it forces state control on the means of reproduction. The society's political order requires the overthrow of women. The government strips the women of the right to vote, the right to hold property or jobs, and the right to read. The women's ovaries and womb become a "national resource" to the society. Even thought this setting takes place in the future, it's almost like these events happened in the past because of the way they treat women. Is almost like history is repeating its self and that some people have not learned from...
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