Comparison of Anthem and Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem Comparison Essay When a person is entrapped within a society that dictates their behaviour, thoughts, and opinions they are unable to grasp the realization of their societies corrupt nature. However, there is always the odd individual who willing and capable of uncovering the truth of their society. In the novels Anthem by Ayn Rand, and Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury the main characters of the novels were able to find truth by, forming friendships that are banned by their societies, rebelling against the grain of society to gain knowledge or form ideas, and finding flaws within their societies. Thus proving that, when one seeks truth within the confines of a controlling society it leads to self-discovery because they find the courage to escape.

When one seeks truth within the confines of a controlling society by forming friendships that are banned it leads to self-discovery, because they find the courage to escape. For instance, Montag a character form the novel Fahrenheit 451. In the society that he lived in, any types of reading material was considered forbidden. Those who took it upon themselves to embrace the reading material were considered to be just as harmful as the material itself, because it lead people to believe “all the false promises, all the second-hand notions and time worn philosophies” that people had (Bradbury, 76). However, Montag intentially befriended an elderly man named Faber, who in his younger days, before the revolution, was an English professor. Montag know that Faber was knowledgeable in literature, but he became his friend regardless of this fact because he was curious of the forbidden treasures that his society kept from him. On the other hand Faber was aware of the glorious preachings, concepts, and ideas that literature held, and he was also aware of the error his society was making when it decided to eliminate reading material during its transformation. Although he was conscious of the valuable information that would be lost Faber did not speak out or fight against this decision, in turn he lost one of the most valuable things in his life: “I’m one of the innocents who could have spoken up and out when no would listen to the ‘guilty,’ but I did not speak and thus became guilty myself… Now it’s too late” (Bradbury, 82).

Faber’s misfortune friendship and his non-existent initiative to fight for literature inspired Montag to discover his true self, and his own beliefs that lead him to flee form his society in order to end up regretting the fact that he did not protest for his right to knowledge. Thus showing that by Montag forming a friendship that was not excepted by his society he found the courage to escape.

A second example of one finding enough courage to escape a controlling society, because of a banned friendship is Equality 7-2521 of the novel Anthem. In the society in which Equality 7-2521 lives feelings and emotions that one may have towards another are forbidden, because it makes that individual different and unique from others within a society where everyone is to be considered equal. Although this is a main law Equality finds himself being drawn to a young girl by the name of Liberty 7-2000. With his new found attraction Equality 7-2521 reaches out to the girl in hopes of grasping a relationship, and this is exactly what he achieves. The relationship between Equaulity 7-2521 and Liberty 7-2000 helped him discover his true self. It made him realize that he was able to have love for someone else and that there was nothing wrong or improper about the feelings that he was experiencing and that this was not curse but an advantage, one that have him an individual. Equality’s self discovery, gave him the gallantry to escape form his society, because it made him recognize how corrupt and controlling his society was and it also made him realize that the only way he would ever truly be happy is if he were free. Both characters with in the novels...
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