Comparison: Native Americans Are the Same as Catholics?

Native Americans are the Same as Catholics?

Surprisingly, Native American and Catholic religions have as much in common as they have in differences. Native Americans have been practicing their individual, but very similar religions for thousands of years. Yet, in a brief period of time, they lost much their traditional religious practices due to the aggressive Catholic administration and missionaries in their efforts to “reform”, modernize, and educate Native American populations and their associated religions. The intolerance between these religions focuses on the differences. If they would focus on the similarities instead, the persecution, wars, and conflicts could be, if not eliminated, at the very least lessened to an extent where they could learn to respect beliefs and practices that differ from their own. Each of the hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different religions around the world each hold the belief that their rituals are the only vehicle to achieve immortality. This is especially the case with both the Catholic and Native American religions. Catholics have not only disregarded their similarities, but have poured a huge amount of their resources into eradicating Native American religions and culture. Whereas, Native Americans were willing to add the Catholic God(s) and saints to their, already large, number of spirits, but did not want to lose their traditional, ancient, and necessary spirits and gods. They both have creation stores and myths about how life began by an omnipotent, all-knowing, benevolent creator, whose essence can be found everywhere. This can take many forms. Members of their respective societies that don’t practice their religion are shunned or are put under social pressure to join and partake of their ritual practices. Both religions allow members to pray individually or as a group, often with rhythmic music and chants. Although prayer request are sent to main spirit, or God, both religions have large...
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