Comparison Manhunt and Ghazal

Topics: Poetry, Emotion, Sonnet Pages: 2 (1152 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Compare the ways that the poets use language to present feelings in ‘The Manhunt’ and one other poem from the relationships section. ‘The Manhunt’ and Ghazal both explore the relationship between two people ‘The Manhunt’ is a poem written from the perspective of a wife of a soldier who has gone to war and has been scarred mentally and physically and has changed as a result of what happened to him. The poem exposes the after effects of war on those who served in it and it reminds the reader of those who gave their lives and who suffered in war. The poem uses lots of war vocabulary such as, ‘unexploded mine, bullet,’ and, ‘parachute.’ These words tell the reader that it was the war that hurt him and they are also there to keep reminding the reader of the horror of war. The line, ‘The blown hinge of his lower jaw,’ tells the reader that he was physically hurt in the war. The word ‘blown’ suggests that he was hurt by a bomb and again is a reminder of war. It also suggests that metaphorically he is no longer open to his wife and that he is unable to open himself up to her and unable to talk about his emotions and feelings. The poem also tells you that he is mentally hurt as it says, ‘The frozen river which ran through his face.’ The ‘frozen river,’ could be scars from reconstructing the damage but they could also be tears as during war he would have seen many horrific things and what happened to him would have hurt him mentally. The poem uses the metaphor, ‘a sweating, unexploded mine buried deep in his mind.’ This also suggests that the source of his problem is not physical but mental, and could cause problems at any time. The poet says that his collar bone is, ‘damaged porcelain,’ which created the image of a fragile and cold part of his body. The coldness is reflected in, ‘The frozen river,’ which suggests that his trauma is physical and mental as he was now fragile physically but also mentally. Both ‘The Manhunt,’ and, ‘Ghazal,’ are written in couplets. A couplet...
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