Comparison Essay on Fall of the Roman Empire and the Collapse of China

Topics: Difference, Comparison, Writing Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Comparative Essay – Step By Step
STEP 1 - Diagnosis
• Read the Question and break it down in for what it is asking • In the Margin, determine all of the information that you know about it o Start from broad to specific (time period, location, concepts, events, etc. . .) STEP 2 - Organization and Planning

• Find three topics that you can group together into paragraphs • Plan out your essay into a brief skeleton that you can draw upon as you write STEP 3 - Creation
• Write your essay following the point structure below and paying attention to the examples.

POINT 1 - Thesis
• If you don’t have one you can’t gain this point or point #3 for supporting your thesis o Consider the thesis to be the essence of the paper, it is your essay in one or two sentences o Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence linked to the thesis o The thesis MUST address Similarities AND Differences in either the introduction or the conclusion to get full credit • The thesis can only be counted as the thesis and not also as a direct comparison • You don’t need to write an introduction, so don’t. Leave blank space to come back and write one if you have extra time. POINT 4 - Direct Comparisons

• 1st Sentence for each body paragraph should be a comparative (a direct comparison sentence) o Remember you must make Direct Comparisons, (apples to apples) so make it very clear to the reader your comparing in your sentence ▪ Use linking comparative words such as “whereas” to help set up direct comparisons ▪ For Example: “Both the Haitian and Russian revolutions drew considerable strength from the subjugation of the under classes into oppressive conditions, slaves and serfs repectiveley.” POINT 5 - Analysis for Direct Comparisons

• 2nd sentence then explains/analyzes the direct comparison in the first sentence. ▪ For Example: “The Haitian Slaves were worked in the demanding sugar market in a foreign continent without a demographic...
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