Comparison Essay

Topics: Family therapy, Humanistic psychology, Family Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Seminar One Comparison Essay
While Comparing and contrasting two theories/reasons for abnormal behavior I decided to choose the family systems theories and the Humanistic theories. The Humanistic theories are based on the assumption that humans have an innate capacity for goodness and for living a full life (Hoeksema 2011). The humanistic theorist recognized that we often are not aware of the forces shaping out behavior and that the environment can pay a huge role in our life. For example, living in a stressful environment can often lead to depression. It wasn’t until Carl Rogers in 1951 developed the best know version of the Humanistic theory. Rogers believed that without undue pressure from other people, individuals naturally move towards personal growth. Basically without having someone telling you what to do or someone making your choices, when someone is face to do it alone they become more independent. Therapy for Humanistic therapy is to let the client find out from themselves what their own potential is. So instead of the therapist giving orders on what to do, they wait for the client to be able to heal themselves. Carl Rogers came up with the client- centered therapy. Which is instead of acting like the authority, the therapist role is to be an authentic (genuine) person. This was a positive therapy in the 1960s and is still used today in self-help groups and peer counseling. Additionally in a similar theory we have the Family system theory. We all have family member who tend to be more aggressive to others and make dysfunctional family members, which you can relate to the Humanistic theory. The Family system theory can be in one or two ways, the family system can function well and promote the well-being of it member and supporting their growth and accepting their change, or it can be the exact opposite. Family members so profoundly affect each other's thoughts, feelings, and actions that it often seems as if people are living under the same...
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