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Topics: Baseball, The Sandlot, James Earl Jones Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Trace Noble
Mr. Werra/Per. 4
Sandlot to Sandlot 2
In the original movie The Sandlot it introduces the lives of the kids and what they did on a regular day basis, it wasn’t all about baseball for them that added more to the storyline. Kids could relate more to this other than in Sandlot 2 because in this movie everything was about baseball. Also the movie went a little south for me when they talked more about science in The Sandlot 2 than baseball. In The Sandlot Smalls is taught how to play baseball and shown what to do when playing baseball. A different aspect that the Sandlot brought was the boys had fun childhood memories such as tree house sleepovers, lifeguard encounters, and baseball. The Sandlot 2 did not incorporate this into the movie by playing and having fun with your best friends, it felt more serious about other things detracting from the plot.

The Sandlot explained and made a big deal out of “The Beast,” whoever or whatever went over the fence never came back. In The Sandlot 2 it did talk about “The Beast” but it made it seem like we should already know about it. It was a vital part in The Sandlot and in The Sandlot 2 it didn’t have a huge roll until the end of the movie. “The Beast” kept guard over baseballs that were hit over the fence, and when Smalls’ Babe Ruth signed baseball is hit over the fence they need to get it back from “The Beast.” The Sandlot 2 a model space shuttle was flown over the fence; this has nothing to do with baseball or what “The Beast” guards and controls. “The Beast” is a heroic figure in The Sandlot, but in The Sandlot 2 he was just simply a dog that they called “The Great Fear.” The dog had no importance in the movie The Sandlot 2.

The element of how Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez taught Smalls how to play baseball when Smalls could not even field or throw a ball. In The Sandlot 2 it opened with them already playing baseball, but The Sandlot showed the group actually practicing...

References: to Babe Ruth, the greatest to ever play the game of baseball, and quotes such as “You’re killing me Smalls,” gave this movie the steps it needed to being a better movie than The Sandlot 2.
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