Comparison-Contrast Online vs. Campus

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Online vs. Campus
Elizabeth Wehrle
South University Online
ENG1001 Assignment 3

Online vs. Campus
Some may wonder if online classes are better than traditional school house classes. Future students may wonder which course of action is best for him or her. One may choose to take online classes if he or she has young children at home; without children, it would be easier to take classes at a campus. It depends on one’s home life whether to take classes online or at a campus. There are many differences between online courses and campus courses. When choosing an online or campus-based college, it is important that one looks at the differences and similarities, and the advantages and disadvantages. There are many advantages to both online and campus-based classes. Online classes allow a person to schedule assignments around their children, appointments, and work. Therefore, with scheduling their own class times, a student may read and review lectures and readings at any time of the day. One can work at their own pace, from home, and if he or she has any problems with assignments, they can have a private conversation through email or over the phone. Online classes are especially advantageous for those who have children at home. Most students with young children will choose online classes over campus classes so that he or she can be at home with the children. This eliminates the cost of daycare or trying to find a babysitter each day. Many older students and pregnant students tend to lean towards online classes because, overall, it is easier for them. As with anything else, there are disadvantages to this course of action as well. Being able to stay at home with the kids is great, but students who enroll in online courses have to be self-motivated in order to get their assignments done and turned in on time. Also, with taking classes online, it may be difficult to understand the message the instructor is trying to present through text only. Reading lectures...
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