Comparison contrast essay on the perspectives of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology and education

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Topic: Comparison-contrast essay on the perspectives of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology and education

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       Thomas Friedman and Neil Postman both have strong beliefs as it pertains to technology and education. However each of their respective opinions contains minimal similarities and a vast amount of differences. Friedman and Postman both recognize that incorporating technology into the learning process is beneficial to students. However the volume in which these resources are used is where their ideas conflict. Friedman views the use of technology as the future of educating the masses at an affordable rate. While Postman argues that the overuse of the technological factor is detrimental to other intangible aspects of the learning experience. Throughout this paper we will explore the viewpoints of both Friedman and Postman as well as their reasoning. In order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of exclusively using MOOCs for obtaining a higher form of education.

Thomas Friedman is an extreme advocate for individuals obtaining a higher education through MOOC platforms. MOOC is an acronym for “massive open online course”. M.I.T and Harvard jointly created edX, which is a nonprofit MOOC platform that educated 155,000 students around the world during its first semester according to Anant Agarwal, the former director of M.I.T’s artificial lab. Friedman foresees the MOOC platform expanding beyond the United States borders into other countries. This will allow foreign students to learn from some of the best professors via satellite in the subtitles of the relevant language of each country at an affordable rate. Friedman also noted that MOOCs will be a big advantage for students inflicted with disabilities, due to the flexibility to learn from home reducing traveling and communication difficulties. Another major advantage that Friedman believes will come from the MOOC program is the diversification of the students....

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