Comparison & Contrast Essay

Topics: Eye, Advertising, Color Pages: 3 (1368 words) Published: December 7, 2011
In society it seems that everywhere we look we are surrounded by advertisements whether it is television commercials, billboards or advertisements. Obviously, the main purpose of advertisements is to get the consumer to purchase the product. Print advertisements are an extremely effective way to reach a mass audience because the advertisements are in print, the use of color, text and photography are all key factors in luring the consumers in to buying their product. Advertisements cannot simply attempt to sell the product in question; they must make it appeal to the consumer. It is important that advertisements not only attempt to make the product they are trying to sell clear but also to actually make the advertisement mean something to us, the consumer. The two advertisements that I will be comparing and contrasting are two make-up ads. I picked these two ads because I feel they do a great deal of drawing their consumers in. Mascara is a must have in the make-up world. Most women wear mascara to make their eye “pop.” Consumers will automatically look at these two ads because of the brand names and how people classify make-up. By knowing that a lot of consumers look at these ads they have to make the ads interesting. Not only will I be comparing and contrasting these two ads but by doing that I will also be telling how they draw consumers in to looking and buying their product. The first ad for mascara came from the magazine Lucky. Lucky is mostly targeted towards young teens and women. This mascara in the advertisement is made by Rimmel London. The use of color is very helpful in this ad because it uses bright vibrant colors that catch your attention. The color of the mascara is black and electric green. Also, the color of the models eyes is very blue which accentuates the true color of the mascara. By making the models eyes such a pretty color it might make people think that if they use this certain mascara it might make their eyes “pop” like the models...
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