Comparison Contrast Between Iphone and Blackberry

Topics: Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, Happiness Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Fatemah Bahakeem
Mr. Steigner 
Block: G
My world and Ray Bradbury’s world has some similarities and some differences. Both of our worlds have characters that agree with the negative effect of technology and the positive effect of it. To me I would agree with the positive effect of technology because without it people wont be the same as today.

Have you ever thought of living without an iPod, laptop, cell phone, car, or a TV? Just take a second and imagine. Well, I can’t and I never could imagine that because ever since I was young, my whole life was based on technology. To me, technology is everything and without it I would feel lost, bored, and confused. Manny people would think that technology is the reason why were living, this is because its impact on everything we do. Like communicating, transporting, and being happy, However Technology is important because it is rapidly changing the way people are living.

When I was in fifth grade my first electronic device that I used was a T-Mobile phone that my dad got me. I was so excited about, that I use to hold it in my hand 24/7 just to show off with it like I’m holding an iPhone. The phone was pretty, it was pink and it had some flowers on it. I use to always text my only one friend that I had on my phone, until my dad took it back from me and regret giving it to me, because I wasn’t ready for it. I was sad at that time, but then I realized that it’s not worth it. Staying up all night talking to your friend when she goes to the same school, now that’s just stupid.

Later in the years I became more mature, and I got to explore on more stuff about technology that would just blow my mind off. An IPod touch came to my mind I felt like this is the most remarkable thing that have ever been invented. I told my dad that I wanted it and so he got it for me as a graduation present from elementary. I was so happy about it, that all I could remember is that I download 2...
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