Comparison Between E-Mail and Postal Service

Topics: Internet, United States Postal Service, Envelope Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: January 9, 2002
New technologies are allowing us to do things faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Almost every new innovation in technology improves the speed and productivity of any task at hand. Electronic mail (E-mail) is possibly one of the greatest things to happen to the world. Despite this, there are people who find to many mistakes in using either E-mail or conventional mail. To help decide whether to use E-mail or the United States postal Service, a comparison of each one's speed, ease of use, reliability, and cost is a helping factor.

The speed in which the mail is transported is an important factor in sending mail by either E-mail or the postal system. E-mail easily has the leading edge in this field. With a click of a button, a message can be sent and received in a few seconds to several minutes. Whether you are sending E-mail to someone next door or across the world, the time it takes to send the message is usually the same. Data files can be easily sent to someone over E-mail; unfortunately, the larger the file is in size, the longer it will take to send and receive the E-mail. Data files can be mailed to people using the postal system if the data is copied to a floppy disk or a compact disc. The postal service can send any kind of package, from a simple letter to a computer, for a price depending on its size weight, and desired shipping speed. The speed of the postal service is a problem though. A single letter can take two days to a few weeks depending on the location of the sender and the destination. The mail has to be taken to a main post office branch in the area to be sorted and delivered to the nearest post office of the receiver. Even though this might seem impractical, mail that is sent next door might travel hundreds of miles to another town and back to reach the destination.

Ease of use is another major factor in choosing what medium to use even though it can be quite costly. E-mail has the disadvantage when comparing...
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