Comparison Between the “Enthroned Madonna with Saints” and “Virgin with Child Enthroned” U

Topics: Human body, Color, Florence Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Comparison between the “Enthroned Madonna with Saints” and “Virgin with child Enthroned”

The “Enthroned Madonna with Saints” /The Ognissanti Madonna/or”Madonna in Maestà” was probably painted between 1305 -1310 for the Church of Ognissanti. The “Virgin with child Enthroned” was created around 1200- 1025. Both of them belong to the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. The Ognissanti Madonna is much bigger/3.25 x 2m/ and it was painted for the altar of the church of Ognissanti in Florence. Both pieces of art are painted with tempera on wood. During that time it was considered disrespectful to represent Jesus exactly like a baby so on both pictures the authors tried to paint him with adult face. In The Ognissanti Madonna we can see how Jesus is dressed with a pink see-through cloth and he is held by his mother. He is also represented a little chubby exactly like a baby but at the same time he has this very adult face and he is making a gesture with his hand like he is about to speak. The same position of Jesus hand we can see in the the “Virgin with child Enthroned” Similar representation of an even more adult face but still with a little body and being gently held by the mother. In The Ognissanti Madonna we can see Giotto`s attempt for a three-dimensional drawing of the figures and the throne. He tried to represent the depth of the throne where The Virgin is sitting and he tried to create the steps like if they were real. Giotto also tried to create the idea of space by painting the saints and angels around the Madonna and Jesus. Two angels are kneeling on the step so that we can`t really see where the saints are standing so that create an illusion of space. The throne is not geometrically correct but Giotto made an attempt to create this illusion. In comparison to the Ognissanti Madonna the perspective is looking even more impossible in the “Virgin with child Enthroned” There the throne is represented with a lot of decorative elements like in the Ognissanti Madonna the...
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