Comparison Between Stargate and Star Trek

Pages: 4 (1554 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Stargate/Star Trek Comparison and Contrast Essay
The Enterprise was the first space shuttle ever built and was named after the Enterprise star ship in the science fiction series of Star Trek. Science Fiction television shows have created a great reflection and influence on society. Two great examples of the Science Fiction series which had great influence and reflection of our society are the Star Trek and the Stargate series. The early 1960 series of Star Trek came at a time of immense change in our society to include the Civil Rights Movement, Women Equality Movement, and the Protest of the Vietnam War. Similar to Star Trek the modern 2000s series of Stargate was created at a time when America has become an increasingly larger military power engaging in more war’s than any other decade, followed with a severe economic depression, and coupled with the Gay Rights Movement. By looking at how both of these television shows influenced and reflected the different decades, one can learn a lot about our society and cultural differences. It was in the 1960s when the feminist movement began and not too late for the series of Star Trek to play a role in how women should be portrayed in society. It seems that Star Trek was progressive from the start but circumstances did not permit equal rights for the female to their male counterparts in the series. Instead early on in the series they stayed with the era’s norm and played women in status quo positions of that day such as nurses and assistants. As the women’s equal rights movement continued to prosper into 1970s Star Trek eventually took an active role in the movement perpetrating women in equal positions to their male counterparts such as officers aboard the ship. In the Original Series of Star Trek there was to have have a female first officer which was the show’s first attempt at displaying equal rights for women in the work force. The strong and almost emotionless captain named “Number One” to be played by a woman...

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