Comparison Between Mesopotamia and Egypt

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Egypt and Mesopotamia Comparative Essay
Egypt and Mesopotamia were two very complex and unique societies that proved to be both prosperous and successful. Having both been flourishing civilizations, they had many similarities. But each civilization had its own way of rising to success, which resulted in Mesopotamia and Egypt having major differences and similarities in not only culture, but government and economy. All in all, Mesopotamia and Egypt had similar economies because they both relied on agriculture for main income, used the river to transport goods between communities, and used the river for irrigation. Also, their culture was alike in a way that shared related beliefs in religion, built great religious structures and innovative inventions, and both contributed to language and writing forms. Finally, Mesopotamia and Egypt's government was different because Mesopotamia was divided into city-states while Egypt was a united and confederate state. Likewise, they shared differences because Mesopotamia was self-governed while Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs. Third, the Egyptian rulers had higher power than Mesopotamian rulers.

The culture in Mesopotamia and Egypt shared its similarities. This is evident, because both societies had religions that were polytheistic, which means they worship several gods. There were supreme gods such as the sun god, (Ra), and Osiris, who were Egyptian. Mesopotamian gods included Ishtar. Both civilizations built massive, religious structures such as pyramids, which Mesopotamians called “Ziggurats”. They usually buried powerful rulers or kings in these tombs. Finally, they both made great contributions to writing and language. Mesopotamia and Egypt were one of the first civilizations to make up a writing system. They utilized this writing system to keep track of taxes. Egyptians used forms of hieroglyphics while Mesopotamians used a style of writing called cuneiform. The reason for this similarity is because they needed new ways...
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