Comparison Between Hinduism and Budhism

Topics: Buddhism, Hinduism, Nirvana Pages: 4 (1481 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Comparison of Two types of Pagan Religion i.e. Hinduism and Buddhism South Asian people have a well-defined amalgam of Abrahamic and Pagan religions. Two of the Pagan religions of this region are well-known in this region because their birth place South Asia. These two religions are “Hinduism” and “Buddhism”. “Hinduism refers to the principal and most ancient religious tradition of India: in it the lives of the believers are governed by the doctrines of “Dharma” or universal law, “Karma” or the cumulative effects of personal actions, and “Samsara” or the cycle of rebirth, liberation from which is the first goal of life; [similarly] Buddhism is a religion and philosophic system, founded in India in the 6th cent. By Buddha: it teaches the right thinking and self-denial will enable the soul to reach Nirvana, a divine state of release from misdirected desire” (“Dictionary definitions you can understand-”). Although the birth place of both religions is South Asia and thus they stem from a similar Philosophy and culture, as S.Radhakrishnan says “Buddhism, in its origin at least is an offshoot of Hinduism” (qtd. In "Buddhism & Hinduism, Comparative Study of Buddhism & Hinduism, Compare Contrast Buddhism & Hinduism."); yet there is also a prominent difference in the major ideational elements of Doctrine of both; which includes “Concept of God”, “Reincarnation” and “Caste system”. In each and every religion of the World, the word “God” generally refers to designate a supreme power, who is the ultimate creator of the entire universe. In Hinduism there is also such definition for God. “Neither the multitude of gods nor great sages know my origin, for I am the source of all the gods and great sages. A mortal who knows me as the unborn, beginning-less great lord of the world is freed from all delusion and all evils” ("Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2 - Verses 9 & 10.”). But the thorough study of Hinduism reveals it a polytheistic religion; indeed most of Hindus...
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