Comparison Between Gas Turbine & Gas Engine

Topics: Gas turbine, Internal combustion engine, Turbine Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: June 20, 2013
In according to fulfill the Electric power demand for the South Sulawesi in particularly, PT. Makassar Power are interested to convert their existing Diesel Power Plant to LNG Power Plant. LNG Power Plant derives their power from gas burning. LNG Power Plant can use gas engine or gas turbine as their power generating unit. Generally gas turbine design for simple & combine cycle with rugged components for base load utility service but also can start & stop easily for peaking application. In the other hand, gas engine design for wide variety of application, and provide fast and flexible capacity with multiple unit. This comparation of gas engine and gas turbine advantages and disadvantages could see on table below. Efficiency| Wartsila gas engine has bigger efficiency rather than GE gas turbine.| Fuel Consumption| Wartsila gas engine has lower heat rate rather than gas turbine, thus indirectly gas engine fuel consumption is lower than gas turbine.| Emission| Wartsila gas engine has higher NOx emission rather than GE gas turbine.| Main Building Area| With almost the same power generation engine size, Wartsila gas engine plant configuration is 7x9 MW, and GE gas turbine plant configuration is 2x40 MW. It means Wartsila gas engine power plant need bigger main building area than GE gas turbine power plant.| Reliability| Multi unit of Wartsila gas engine power plant configuration improve reliability in case of breakdown or maintenance (less power loose).| Construction| GE LM6000 already in one package. It will reduce the installation cost and shorten the installation time.| Fuel Flexibility| Wartsila 20V34SG can be improved from liquid fuel gas engine into dual fuel gas engine by adding an inverter.| Auxiliary Power | Generally, with same capacity gas engine power plant have bigger auxiliary power rather than gas turbine power plant. | Work Condition| Gas engine generally was less affected by changes in air inlet temperature...
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