Comparison Between Fast Food and Home Cooked Meal

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Comparison between Fast Food and Home Cooked Meal
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Comparison between Fast Food and Home Cooked Meal
People have different tastes and preferences, and they prefer eating things that they find tasty. Their choice may vary according to their culture, country and tradition. As people have their own culture and traditions, and they prefer eating according to it. The fight between fast food and home cooked meals has always been a part of life of people. Many people prefer eating fast food, while others prefer home cooked meals. People should always eat healthy food to stay healthy, and to avoid any harm to their health, as health is wealth and people should take care of it.

There are several fast food chains available all over the world providing people with fast food items. People prefer going to these food chains on different occasions or randomly on different days. Office people go to chains on their lunch breaks, students go for their parties and get together and families go there for their family dinners and parties. Fast food is considered as tasty, but along with all this the cons of fast food is that it is considered as unhealthy food. As fast food consist fats and calories which harm the health of people. Doctors usually ask their patients to avoid fast food as it is unhealthy for them.

Home cooked meals are considered as healthy as people cook it using healthy ingredients. They boil vegetables and food to avoid any bacteria and harm, and cook it using good oil. Doctors always suggest people to eat home cooked food, so that they can stay healthy and avoid any harm to their health. The cons of home cooked meal includes that people say it is boring, as the same taste food cannot be eaten always. They also consider home cooked meal as traditional and cultural, and they don’t want to eat it always.

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