Comparison Between Barbara and Shylark

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The Journal of Religion and Theatre, Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 2005 This Article:

M a r l o w e ' s Ba r a b a s Vi s - à - v i s Sha kespea re's Shylock Written by Donny Inbar

Both Christopher Marlowe's The Jew of Malta and William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice present challenges to the contemporary reader or interpreter, with regard to the character of "The Jew" in their plays.1 The stereotypical reference to Barabas and Shylock as "The Jew," not to mention these characters' opprobrious characteristics and deeds, is problematic in itself. "Marlowe's Barabas, like Shakespeare's Shylock, is a criminal in the making," writes Martin D. Yaffe in his analysis of both Jewish characters in Shylock and the Jewish Question: "His crime is also prompted by his being a Jew."2 Yet Shylock can be regarded as a small-time crook, in comparison with Barabas' abominable criminality. As John Gross defines it in his Shylock: A Legend & its Legacy, Shakespeare's Jew "has been scaled down and domesticated."3 Thanks to this act of taming the Jew's character from demonic to sardonic, Shylock has been perceived, both by contemporary critics and theater people of the past two centuries, as a less problematic or more presentable character. How are the characters of Barabas and Shylock related, and what did the process of "toning down" the Marlovian monster entail? Additionally, since both plays and their Jewish characters evolve around materialism, wouldn't it be proper to evaluate the price that Shakespeare may have paid (on behalf of his "Jew") in this procedure. Furthermore, does a character in a drama necessarily benefit from such a course of "housebreaking"? In order to fully assess the stages in, and implication of, the "taming of the Jew," there is need for basic evaluations of Barabas and Shylock, as well as of the literary and historical sources of both plays. This will set the...

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