Comparison Between Aztecs and Mayans and Incas

Topics: Aztec, Mesoamerica, Mexico Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Comparison between Aztecs and Mayans and Incas

Aztecs and Mayans are both an ancient civilizations that once both lived in Mexico. The Aztecs lived in the central part of the country and spoke a language called Nahuatl. The word Aztec comes from the language Nahuatl, meaning people from Aztlan, which was the mythological place for people speaking the truth. There main contribution they left behind is the pyramids and the culture. The Mayans were well known for the Written language that they had developed. There were some more important differences between the two. The Aztecs were huge believers of Human sacrifice, though the Mayans were believers in offering blood instead. The Mayans were different in their scientific nature due to the fact that they study the stars and believed in studying astrology and using it to connect it with current events. They developed a calendar, which is still comparable to the one we use today. The Aztecs were very warlike people who force war against their neighboring tribes because they liked demonstrating their strength and power. The male warriors were the pride and joy in the Aztec society. The Aztecs were more war like as the Mayans had more scientific mindset and more peaceful and gentle people. Mayans as well also consisted of many city-states that were ruled by sovereign ruler, the ruler’s status is what mattered most to the Mayans. The Aztecs had a central government but one supreme ruler ruled the Aztecs. The Inca were more similar towards the Aztecs because they both believed and highly respected the Gods who they believed provided them with their rain, crops and food. They both had a distinctive way of architecture, such as the material they used to build their homes. Both believed in living tribes, it was an easy way for them to keep their societies in order and together without many disagreements. The Incas made their money due to their gold, copper mines and silver. Just as the Aztecs the Incas were also great...
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