Comparison Between 1920s and 1930s

Topics: Great Depression, Wall Street Crash of 1929, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Michelle Heredia

The 1920’s was the first decade to have a nickname such as “Roaring 20’s” or “Jazz Age.” For many Americans, the 1920’s was a decade of prosperity and confidence. But for others this decade seemed to bring cultural conflicts, nativists against immigrants, religious liberals against fundamentalists and rural provincials against urban cosmopolitans. There was a drastic change in economy through the course of 1920 to 1930. During 1930 the great depression had turned the American dream into a nightmare and what once was the land of opportunity had become the land of desperation.

Both 1920’s and 1930’s have been characterized for radical political movements. Also throughout the course of these two decades entertainment was a big hit. Celebration was a big part of the 1920’s and due to this, many different behaviors were developed among these large populations, dancing became a big thing, people loved to dance especially the Charleston, Fox-trot and Shimmy. Dance marathons were something people went to every weekend. The radio became very popular as well; people liked listening to Jazz, especially the king of Jazz, Louis Armstrong. People also tuned in to listen to sports and live events. Movies were also a big thing during this decade. Parlor games and board games were popular in the 1930’s, people gathered around the radio to listen to the Yankees. Young people danced to big bands. The golden age of the mystery novel continued as people escaped into books, reading writers like Agatha Christie, Dashielle Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Big band or swing became very popular.

Meanwhile there were also many differences between the two decades. During the 1920’s for the first time more Americans lived in cities rather than on farms. For many Americans the growth of cities, the rise of a consumer culture, the increase of mass entertainment and the so-called “revolution in morals and manners” represented liberation from the restrictions of the...
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