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Comparison and Contrast of Two Literary Works

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Comparison and Contrast of Two Literary Works

Bryan Kiefer

ASHFORD University

Course: ENG 125

Instructor: Holly Ledcke


Comparison and Contrast of Two Literary Works

In the first literal work, “The Necklace” by de Maupassant, the author utilizes a story format in presenting the themes outlined within the literature. In this story, Guy de Maupassant successfully manages to bring out a flavor to all the stories described within the literature work. In this literal piece of work, the author writes about ordinary people through an analytical story that looks quite unforgettable, and paints their lives in different colors that are fully enriched with acts of marriage, adultery, prostitution, war, and murder (Maupassant, & Kelley, 2004).

This story revolves around a woman who seemingly fated to her own status within her life. Instead of accepting her current position, the woman is portrayed as one who is affected by a feeling of being cheated. She is described as shellfish and totally self involved, fully tortured and also angry that she is not able to purchase the clothing and the jewel that she truly desires.

The story forms one of the most refined and subtle form of short stories. There exists an ingenious, disguised, cleverly form of attack to the middle class. However, in this story the author never allows any form of bias cloud upon his judgment. The story clearly illustrates the simple reality about a majority of ten middle class families within the modern societies.

The story illustrates the way in which a majority of the families today have the material pretense of the A class nobles. The story illustrates how the families overspend on the vain luxuries. This is described by use of the social ladder within the story. The story ends by way of being more poignant where the readers discover that all the sacrifices that were offered were fruitless (Maupassant, & Kelley, 2004).

The next literal piece of work to consider is the poem by Aurora Morales named as "Child of the Americas". The poem tackles the issue of diversity. The poem is written by a young "Latina.”, and speaks about the real struggle for the art of self identity, which the coming generations has to face. It is a poem on a specific American who initially came from a mixture of various cultures that comprise of her heritage, as well as, her own identity as an American citizen (Morales, 2001).

The poem starts with the very first lines holding allot of essence for the entire piece of poem. The poem utilizes many metaphors, which illustrates the evidence on the various cultures from which the Americans came from. All these forms of diversities of different cultures tend to fully enrich the actual being or even the self of a particular individual Americans. The poem reviews the aspects of freedom, from oppression, freedom of worship, different opportunities, as well as freedom of worship.

In recognition of the Spanish form of influence, and also on credit of the land which was specifically used as part of the American states from which the people had continuously integrated, intermingled, and shared their several types of cultures is well illustrated within the poem. The poem also classifies the different groups of people depending on how they are widely known for being proud of their own types of cultures. The poem also describes the process through which the different Africans were transported to the American land as slaves. It further describes the way in which they continuously abandoned with culture after they were adopted as slaves. However, they did not change out of their own form of willingness, but were rather forced to abandon their cultures. According to the presentation made by the poem, the process of abandonment of the culture went through the various processes until the attainment of new ways of culture and lifestyle.

The poem ends by way of demonstrating that even though the adopted Africans have gotten themselves into the American way of life and culture, Africa is still in their hearts because it is through the same influences that they persevered and preserved them as a people from a differently rich form of culture. The forefathers of the contemporary American-African, today fully forms an integral part of the entire community as well as the society as a whole.

The major thesis for this specific paper is to evaluate the comparison and the contrasting point between a short story and a poem as two different literature materials, by way of considering the major character representation, methodology, literature tools incorporated within the two materials, and the mode of presentation of ideas and opinions by the two writers.

Comparison between the poem and the story

The very first form of comparison to make within the two forms of literal works is that each of them has a particular theme to illustrate. The story illustrates the theme of moral aspects amongst the different groups of people within the society. The poem also illustrates a specific theme that regards the issue of diversity. The two literal works have uses different symbols and tools to illustrate the different themes that are illustrated within the two literal works. The two literal works contain a hidden message throughout the content, until the very end part where the authors disclose the actual, meaning of the themes that are being described. They use symbolic objects to illustrate other characters that represent different categories of people. An excellent example is represented by the story where the author uses different colors to illustrate the different types of characters within different people in the society. The two forms of literal works also seem to fully illicit a strong form of response.

The two types of works do not at all form any form of bias. Considering the fact that the two works present different themes that describe different themes, there is no form of bias towards any particular group of people within the two works. The works look quite independent of supporting any form of moral aspect, and does not at any single point endorse the recommended or preferred type of personnel, group, or type of morals. The authors within the two types of works do not take support for any type of culture or behavior. By way of not introducing the aspect if bias in any particular way, the authors can briefly describe the expected objectives of the literature works. The reader can evaluate the level of neutrality from the two papers in an easy detective manner.

The other form of comparison that is depicted within the two types of works is viewed in respect to the aspect of sequential pattern that is presented within the two works. The authors systematically present their ideas by way of presenting the necessary history where applicable, by using a trend that is used to evaluate the dynamic trends that have taken place within the different moral behaviors. In presenting the two scenarios in different types of literal works, the aspect of culture happens to emerge from every story, and appears as the central theme that is continually shared within the two pieces of literal works.

The other form of comparison between the two materials can be illustrated by way of considering the aspect of culture. It is quite evident that the two materials address the aspect of culture. The two materials describe the African culture and the different themes that come along with the cultural aspect. This is described right from the ancient times in form of literature review, which is reflected from within the nineteenth century, and is then related to the current trends of activities in the modern world through the different characters and activities.

The presentation of the ideas within the two pieces of work seems to be critically gender sensitive. The authors avoid the usage of gender description to avoid the aspect of presenting any particular gender group as superior or inferior to the other. The position of the authors cannot be easily detected.

The other aspect that presents a comparison between the two literal pieces of work is the fact that the two writers revolve around a given central aspect. Despite the major themes that are being demonstrated, the writers ensure that the main idea is well presented besides the different objects that are used as symbols of illustration. An excellent example is the different colors that are use to represent the different types of morals that are prevalent within the society, yet the author ensures that the actual meaning is well brought out.

The impression of the different characters is another common aspect within the two papers. The authors describe the various themes by way of describing the different behaviors within the characters, a factor that presents the major ideas that the writer needs to portray. The characters demonstrate a wide range of vices and virtues through a series of characters within the plays.

Flash back is one if the key items that is widely used to convey the intended message to the trader. The writers in both literal pieces of work utilize the aspect of feedback in all parts to recall the previous sets of events. This is meant to assist the reader in establishing a connection between the different events within the papers. By way of recalling certain frames of statements, or former events by the same or closely related characters, the writer successfully delivers the intended information such as a culture, trend, or frequently practiced events amongst specific social group.

Coherence of ideas is another aspect that is presented within the two types of scholarly works. The poem and the short story clearly defines the expected or intended moral , cultural, social, or general aspects from the start to the end while still utilizing different approaches, objects, and ideas. However, the two writers ensure that there is coherence in the different phrases that are being integrated together to form the flow of ideas.

Humor is another key idea to note. The authors continuously present comical ideas and statements throughout the literature. The aspect of humor is used closely with rhetorical questions. This is meant to revive the reader and keep him close to the writer’s work. It is a motivational factor towards enabling the readers to appreciate the demonstrated facts, opinions, aspects, or ideas. It gives a chance for the reader to interact with the provided literature.

The use of third person in the two literal pieces of works is evident throughout the paper. The two authors continuously use the third person as a tool to break the aspect of continued monotony, or eliminate the aspect of centralization of self-ideas. This factor promotes boosted motivation for the readers to read. The two authors ensure that the readers of the two types of scholarly works are continuously involved within the whole conversation, a point that that makes the reader to be willing to make contributions to the scholarly works of the short story, and also to that of the poem.

Use of literature review is totally avoided as expected especially within the context of the short story on “The Necklace”. It is one of the most important tools that need to be used especially in delivering the expected flow of ideas. The two scholarly materials avoid the review of the different context as required. This makes the reader to rely on the provided facts, without being in a position to visualize emerging trends.

The ending style of the two works also has a specific way of conclusion. In the two pieces, the ending becomes all the more poignant. This is described where the readers are made to discover about the hidden parts within the presentations. The different themes are quite clear towards the end of the presentations. The different symbols that are used within the works are disclosed towards the end. The reader is made to go through the whole works before actual decoding can be achieved. There is systematic encoding of the different themes, ideas, and opinions of the writers within the two literal pieces. Several rhetorical questions are asked at the conclusive parts, a factor that enables the reader to decode the major themes, moral aspects, and the intended message.

Contrast between the poem and the story

The very first type of contrast that is clearly evident within the two scholarly works is that one is a poetry work, while the other is a story. This means that one is composed of short phrases while the other is a continuation of ideas. The poem utilizes different forms of writing, which is based on stanzas, as compared to the short story that is continuously representing flow of ideas.

The other type of discrepancy to note between the two scholarly materials is the use of irony. The author who utilizes the art of stories in presenting “The Necklace” majorly uses the aspect of ironical statements throughout the context, while the author who presents the poetry is not at all interested on the use of ironical statements. However, the literal work on poetry majorly utilizes the aspect of rhetorical questions, and too much of flashback in efforts to attract the attention of the reader.

The formats used within the two arts are totally different. Presentation of the key ideas within the literature is presented in different formats. In the poem, the writer ensures that the key symbols are not disclosed until the end part where the reader identifies the different characters, and the specific ideas they present. In contrast to the same, the writer on the short story gives an outline of the different colors that are used continuously within the story.

A clear presentation of the comparison or the relationship between the key ideas and the most appropriate symbols is presented within the very first few paragraphs. It is quite different with poetry work where the author retains a hidden identity of the real meaning of the various themes, ideas, and illustrations.

Another fact to consider is the beginning style of the different scholarly materials. In the poem, the very first line appears as though it holds the essence of the entire literal work. The statement, “I am a child of the Americas”, illustrates the essence that is depicted within the whole poem. However, on the others hand, the short story starts with a statement which is phrased in the third person, “She was one of the pretty and charming girls born…”; a statement that does not depict the whole essence of the literal piece of work. In short, the short story does not clearly describe the expected essence that the writer intends to describe (Shaw, 2000).


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Shaw, I. (2000). Short stories: Five decades. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press.

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