Comparison and Contrast of Two Innovative Business Professionals and Their Models: Customer Epicenter Versus Paranoia Survival

Topics: Intel Corporation, Andrew Grove, Technology Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Comparison and Contrast of Two Innovative Business Professionals and Their Models: Customer Epicenter versus Paranoia Survival
Jules Prendergast
North Central University
Activity 3

Author Note
This developmental paper is being submitted on May 26, 2013 for Professor Cozine’s BTM7101-8 class. The contents of this paper reflect the author’s perspective on relevant information provided through articles Abstract

The main emphasis of this paper is two fold. First, the content is used to express the author’s perception through use of the compare and contrast writing methodology between two key businesses professional and their impact on the business practices. This is accomplished by preparing a summary of their professional contributions, discussion of their encounter and subsequent success from specific challenges, as well as a discussion of their similarities. The final portion of this paper emphasizes distinct differences between each and concludes with the key factors, which impacted their individual successes. The second key part of this paper is to address the learning and follow on use of appropriate APA (American Psychology Association) formatting and correct usage of paraphrasing.

Keywords: customer, leadership, and APA format

Comparison and Contrast of Two Innovative Business Professionals and Their Models
The world is built around sociological implementation of economic forward progression. Whether based upon socialistic, democratic, autocratic, or other modes of political streams, societies and their needs are the impetus of the national, state, and global markets. In this day and age, identifying and, subsequently, flourishing in this primus of wants, desires, and needs can be solely based on these social and economic foundations. These foundations can be the defining scope of a business’ existence in the present and the future if true forward...

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