Comparison and Contrast of Poems

Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Rhyme Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: November 4, 2013
I’m Nobody Who Are You?
By: Emily Dickinson
of poem means
A question asking the general who is this person.
parts of the Poem
 I’m irrelevant. Who are you?
Are you irrelevant too?
Then that makes two of us.
Don’t tell anyone. They tell everybody.
How sad it is to actually be relevant.
How popular they are. Like the sounds of a frog.
To talk about someone. The whole year round.
To a certain extent.
of some of the words – changing literal meaning to implied or associated values The poem is constituted of loose iambic trimester and iambic tetrameter. They follow an ABCB rhyme scheme. This is also classified as a lyric poem. The poem has no regular scheme of end rhyme. However, line 1 rhymes with line 2 and line 5 with line 7. The poem satirizes the life of a “wanna be” superstar. She uses the pronouns you, we, us, and you. She uses a simile “how public--- like a frog to compare how loud frogs croak in the summer time to the way people gossip and talk about other people. This poem mocks our public world. They advertise their own names, over and over, selling themselves for the purpose of maintaining their fame, but not having any substance behind it. This poem has some symbolic meanings in them. The frog symbolizes the gossiping of a person. The bog symbolizes the world. “Somebody” symbolizes a famous person. Attitude

What is the attitude of the author, characters or yourself?
 The attitude of this poem is honest and straight forward. Proud to be a person who wants to be different from other people. Shift
At first we think or feel one way – then there is a shift: identify the shifts and explain them  There is no shift really in this poem. The whole poem is talking to one person. Title revisited
Any new insights on meaning or significance of title?
 If I am not famous, then I am proving that I tam not a follower and wanting to adapt to the life of a famous person. Theme
 Be not conformed to worldly things but make...
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