COMPARISON AND CONTRAST ESSAY : Aaron Aziz and Beto Kusyairy

Topics: Actor, Entertainment, Drama Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: April 5, 2014
 Aaron Aziz and Beto Kusyairy are both professional actor in the entertainment industry. They appear very similar. Aaron and Beto have their own diehard fans and can belt out some amazing country hits in the films they acted. They have done some advertisement and have their own shooting lines. They are charismatic and hard working. Moreover, they are very good looking, Aaron is handsome as Prince William while Beto is as gentlemen as Gary Running Man. There are several similarities and differences in some aspects between Beto and Aaron in the way how they start their career, how they attract people, and how they balance their responsibility for their career and family.

The first similarity between them is their talent was discovered by director Erma Fatima .In 2004, Aaron was discovered by director Erma Fatima who gave him a supporting role in her highly-rated TV drama series, Haryati 2. That was sufficient to start the ball rolling. Soon offers began pouring in for Aaron. He has now acted in 10 films and more than 40 TV dramas in Malaysia (Adam dan Hawa, Jiwa dan Lara and Saqid & Co, among others). However, Beto had known by Erma Fatima when he became as her driver to send her to the shooting location because he wanted to spend his leisure time and also get some pocket money during his study in Hospitality Diploma at UITM Shah Alam. He also once wore a cat mascot as Along in a famous children’s entertainment programme in TV1 before active in acting. Thanks to his patience, he took a long time to be known by the great director like Bernard Chauly who took him as the hero of the romantic comedy film, ‘Istanbul Aku Datang’. Now, he always take the hero role in most drama and making some girls who attracted to his romantic and cool acting fell for him including one of the singer in Malaysia, Misha Omar. Apart from that, Aaron and Beto have their own ways in attracting people to catch their eyes on them. Aaron attracts the people with his famous...
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