Comparison and Contrast Essay

Topics: Webster's Dictionary, Love, Seven deadly sins Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: December 10, 2008
Love Vs. Lust

Love and lust have become a part of life that people have trouble differentiating between. To some, love is a passionate and exciting feeling that only few share. Lust is a feeling that most everyone comes to feel, and is mistaken to be love. To be able to compare the two is very difficult due to the fact that love and lust have so many similarities, while they are two very different things. Both can hurt ones’ feelings and at the same time bring joy into ones’ life.

For many years people have confused love with lust because there are many ways both of the words can be interpreted, experienced, or felt. One of Merriam Webster’s Dictionary definitions of love is, “A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” Another is, “An attraction based on sexual desire, affection and tenderness felt by lovers.” Lust however does not have many definitions, and is not interpreted many different ways. The only three Merriam Webster Dictionary definitions for lust are, “Personal inclination, to wish.” Intense or unbridled sexual desire, lasciviousness.” Lastly, “An intense longing, a craving.”

Although lover and lust may feel very similar, love is stronger, love is a longer process, a feeling that grows over time. Lust is felt instantly and it can also cause damages to ones’ heart. People often misuse the situation and feeling to cause themselves and others’ pleasure that later turns into pain.

The ideal image of love is not playing with ones’ heart because the feelings are based on ones’ heart. While lust is just a game played in the mind. They both carry the desire to have their dreams fulfilled and both can cause sexual desires, which makes it difficult to differentiate between the two. Lust however, does not suffer and is not kind. Lust envies and behaves rudely. Lust bears nothing outside of its own pursuit of fulfillment. It fails to achieve lasting satisfaction, and cares only for itself and that it’s...
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