Comparison and Contrast

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English 101
December 9,2013
Comparison and contrast rough draft
If you were to compare and contrast going to a community college verses going to a university, they can be very different but also one in the same. Some similarities include activities and, class choices. Differences between these two subjects are class size, living, and cost. Going away to school can be a lot different from going to a community college, but in some ways they can be similar also.

The first point in which I will discuss is class size. When going to a community college, the class sizes are much smaller than going to a university. With a small class size, it is easier to get more help understanding the subject because there aren’t so many students. Teachers can give their students more one on one attention this way. A similarity between community college and a university is that some universities do have smaller class sizes. There are some classes at universities that aren’t lectures, making class sizes smaller than the usual 100 or more students. Class size at a university is usually much larger because there are a lot more students, with fewer classes.

The second point to make in regards to comparing going to a community college and going to a university is the costs are very different. At a university you are paying for all four years whereas at a community college, you only have to pay for a minimum of two years, which makes for saving a lot more money. At a community college, you don’t have to pay anywhere near what you have to pay at a university. Also, at a community college, you aren’t paying for dorm living, which adds on thousands more of dollars. The only similarity between these two different schools costs is the online classes. You have to pay for taking an online class, but of course with a university it will still cost a lot more. They both offer online classes however. Another similarity between going to a community college verses going to a university is you...
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