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Comparison and contrast

By ranzed Dec 03, 2013 392 Words
Comparison And Contrast
Which is the best? Male or Female?
“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.”   They say Men are better because they are smarter, bigger, bolder, better thinkers and better at everything else. And Women usually stay at home all the time doing nothing besides for house jobs like cleaning up, hanging clothes out, doing laundry and other stuff like that. Men are so much better. Absolutely yes because men are better physically and mentally. Naturally, men are better physically, at the least. Men are designed to run, hunt, gather, track, kill, etc. Women are designed to carry children and be "helpers"; from a pure evolutionary perspective. This is not unique to humans, indeed, it is found in almost every species of mammal. It makes sense in evolutionary terms, too. Somehow, Women are than men. As it said that. Woman can cook even men can as chefs, but do it as a profession whereas the women do it for the sake their children and their 'husbands' .Woman do more work then man and most of her work is unpaid. Even women can handle money better that's why they are the managers at home. Women are better biologically, socially, and mentally. Women have better immune systems and are less susceptible to inheritable diseases, which is not true for men. Women are also more inclined to resolve a problem without using curse words or force. And lastly women on average have a higher IQ than men. Men fail to realize that without women, they are nothing. Fortunately, without men, women can be anything. Women was Taken out of man, Because he needed a helpmate, she is not to in-front or behind but beside him as his equal. We are all different but, It's true that everyone, regardless of gender has their own unique abilities, and i'm fine with men and women working wherever they want to if they feel they should. That said, it's just plain obvious that from an overall standpoint, taking all physical and mental things into account, men are generally better than women. Yes, women have been unfairly oppressed in the past but if you care to look back men definitely made most of the revolutionary changes to society, new tech, they make up most of the government, are more physically capable, and so on.

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