Comparison and Contrast

Topics: Etiquette, Parking lot, Parking Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: February 26, 2013
In today society I experience some people lacking common courtesy everyday. Most people I find to lack common courtesy are rude and have no consideration for others. I normally see people with inappropiate behavior at my workplace, on the highway and in supermakert parking lots. The first place people lack common courtesy is my workplace. For example the dietary aides wait to bring the food carts up. Often when the carts arrive the food is already cold, which is not right for the residents. Another example of discourteous behavior is housekeeping staff. When the floor is wet a spill sign should be placed down to avoid an accident. The housekeeping staff never place these signs down after they mop which can cause someone to slip and fall. Also, the housekeeping staff doesn’t knock on the door when entering a resident’s room. Residents have the right to their own privacy especially in their rooms.

Another place I found people to be rude and have no courtesy is on the highway. When I drive I seem to always see people texting and driving. This type of behavior that will cause a accident. Also, another rude behavior I see is people driving while talking on the phone is also a sign of rudeness to the other drivers on the highway. People also seem to have a problem using their signal lights when passing lanes this rude behavior can cause someone to swerve off the road. Yet, is very important when driving, people have to learn to obey the laws and we would have less accidents. The last place where people lack common courtesy is in the supermarket parking lot. The parking spots in the front are made for disabled or elderly people who have diffculty walking; however, when people who are not disabled park there makes it difficult for others . Also when people leave the shopping carts in the parking space, the lack of rude behavior can damage someone car. It would be a whole lot easier if people would...
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