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Istanbul and Ankara are two biggest and most important cities in Turkey. Both of two cities

are substantial town in my country. They are also differ from each other regarding their role,

their history, weather and style. Some may think that these two important cities could not be

more different but they have very unequal roles.

One of the difference between two significant cities are their population. Istanbul has almost

seventeen millions population although Ankara has just five millions. There is a dissimilarity

between them visibly. A lot of people immigrate to Istanbul from everywhere especially east

way in Turkey so it is population increase dramatically every year. People think about Istanbul

has many opportunities in the sense that economic, cultural and developing yourself what’s more

Istanbul go over the top today. On the other hand, Ankara has a lot of opportunities serves as the

marketing center and agriculture area and also commercial area for centre of government.

However their population less than Istanbul.

Another comparing between Istanbul and Ankara is which serve the purpose like touristical,

historical and commercial area. For example, Istanbul is a transcontinental city straddling the

Bosphorus between the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara. Attracts of many tourists attention due to

Goepolitical position. Million’s of people come to visit a historical place, shopping center,

natural parks, night clubs (Reina which is the most popular club in Istanbul) , natural harbors in

Istanbul. People can visit these places at the weekends and spend quality time.

In addition to historical places, there are many social events such as concerts, shows and

international organizations where the audience can have great time. Conversely, Ankara is

capital city of Turkey and centre of...
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