Comparing Values

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Comparing Values

1. What values underlie your desire to help others?
The value which underlies my desire to help others is too simply to put myself in other shoes that are going through difficult situations. I would step in and try to give them as much support as they would need. I prefer to do good thing for other without looking for some sort of recognition coming from it. I just want to be able to help those in need. Good things come to those who are kind to others. This why I can see myself as being a good human service worker I am a caring person and I love helping others.

2. What social issues do you feel strongly about?
The social issues I feel very strongly about are abuse. I think no matter what type of abuse it is this should not be happening. Although this occurs every day to someone it is hard to grasp why people do these thing to themselves as well as to others.

3. Which client behaviors would you have trouble accepting? I would have trouble accepting client’s behaviors that are abuse to themselves and others. Especially, if it is dealing with a person who is abusive to a child. This will touch home because I am a parent and I cannot see anyone harm a child.

4. Which of your values would you like to change?
The values which I would like to change would be I guess money. Sometime I put too much into trying to make more money. I just should accept the pay I am getting. You have to sometimes crawl before you can walk to get what you want in life.

5. What would you like to accomplish in human services?
The things I would like to accomplish in human services are to give all my clients the best services I can give them. I want to be able to be my client support system. I will find my client all the necessary resource he or she needs to help their situation. 6. How do you go about solving personal problems?

Solving personal problems can be difficult. If you are dealing with someone who has wrong...
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