Comparing Two Similar Businesses

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Comparing Two Similar Businesses
Amazon and Borders books history and the core business of each company will be discusses. A comparison of the companies will be done to analyze each company’s management approach they took to internet marketing, and sales. At least three reasons will be given as to why Amazon is successful. Three reasons will be given as to why Border’s ended up in bankruptcy although they were initially successful. How Amazon and Borders books management adapted to changing marketing conditions will be analyzed. To sum everything up at least three recommendations on how a company should build in flexibility to back up its decision making process so they can adapt to changing market conditions. Description of the Businesses

A description of the history of Amazon and Borders books will be discussed. When we understand the history of Amazon and Borders we will look at the core business of Amazon and Borders.

Before we discuss the core business activities of Amazon lets learn a little bit about the history of Amazon. Having background information on how Amazon got started before we discuss the core business of Amazon will help us to understand their core values. was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezo’s who named his company after the Amazon River. Regret started to settle in with Bezo’s from not taking claim in the internet gold rush at the time which is what provoked him to start Amazon headquarters resides in Seattle Washington. Although Amazon is a multinational electronic commerce company now it started out as just an online bookstore. When the year 1997 rolled around the company went public and they decided to add CD’s and movies to their website. In 1998 Amazon decided they needed to be more versatile and add more items to their roster such as software, electronics, video games toys, and home improvement items. Although Amazon growth was slow and they did not turn a profit for the first five to...

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