Comparing Two Professional Quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers vs. Jay Cutler

Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: January 29, 2012

“GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO!” If you have ever been to a Green Bay Packers Football game, or watched a game on television, these exact words will NOT EVER be forgotten! Another unforgettable moment, as long as you are in one of the end zones, is the Lambeau Leap. The Lambeau Leap was invented by Green Bay Packer Leroy Bulter in 1993. Butler forced a fumble and another Green Bay Packer, Reggie White, recovered the fumble and lateralled it back to Butler for a touchdown. Butler then jumped into the stands where the fans could finish cheering with him! When it comes to football, one of the main players of the game is the quarterback. The quarterback throws first downs, touchdowns, and even interceptions. Green Bay Packer had an outstanding quarterback for numerous years, Brett Favre. With Favre retiring, getting traded, retiring again, getting trading again, and then finally retiring once and for all, the Packers backup quarterback had to come into play. Who was that? Aaron Rodgers! Every team in the National Football League has rivals. One of the biggest Packer rival is the Chicago Bears. Jay Culter is the quarterback for “Da Bears.” Both the Packers and the Bears had an exceptional 2010 football season. The question lies ahead: Which team has the star-smashing quarterback? Rodgers and Culter may be friends off-the-field, but when it comes to performances on the field, Rodger is statistically the outstanding quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers grew up in Chico, California. Rodgers started his college career at Butte Community College in 2002. He transferred to the University of California in 2003 where he was the starting quarterback. In 2003, Rodgers received the Insight Bowl Offensive Most Valuable Player. In 2004, Rodgers also received the Honorable mention All-American by Sports Illustrated. These are just a few of his college awards and honors. Rodgers got drafted for the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Rodgers was the...

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