Comparing Two Companies Marketing Strategies

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2.Brief discussion of each company2-3
3.The product or service of each company3-4
4.The pricing strategy of each company5
5.The promotional strategy of each company5-7
6.The distribution strategy of each company7-8
7.The service of each compan8-9
8.The more successful or effective company9-10
9.Conclusions 10

Marketing Promotions

Apendix 1 Chicken Licken1.2
Apendix 2 Chicken Licken1.3
Apendix 3 : Roman’s Pizza……………………………………...............................1.4 Apendix 4 : Roman’s Pizza:15.

As part of marketing in business, strategy is king. Strategy is the road map followed by business to become successful. Here we look at two fast foods outlets and compare and contrast their strategies. I have after a long consideration and research decided to compare Chicken Licken and Romans Pizzas. This was not easy since the task at hand is to compare two companies offering the same product or service. Thus for this comparison and this report the product/service refers to fast foods. Hence Chicken Licken and Romans Pizzas are offering the same product/service which is fast foods.

Brief discussion of each company
It all started in 1993 when the current owner, Mr. A. Nicolakakis, a restauranteur by trade decided to purchase a flagging pizza restaurant with the intention of turning it around with his extensive knowledge and expertise. That is when Little Caesar’s came into being. As public knowledge of this fantastic, very competitively priced product grew, consumer demand lead to the opening of Little Caesar’s in other locations in Pretoria as well as surrounding areas. Unfortunately legalities arose with the registration of the company name, which then favourably lead to the “birth” of Roman’s Pizza in 2002. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength due to the franchisor’s “hands-on” approach. Roman’s Pizza goal today remains the same, and that is to offer the best value for money in the industry. Roman’s Pizza has some of the busiest pizzerias in the country with some of our stores selling up to and even at times in excess of 2,000 pizzas per night. We aim to offer consumers throughout the country a more affordable meal and at the same time provide the franchisee with a substantial return on his capital.

The Business facts speak for themselves with the opening of the first Chicken Licken in Ridgeway in 1981. Chicken Liken has set a high standard of quality and have maintained it successfully in every one of their outlet to date because of their tightly controlled internal cost structures, Chicken Licken have proved that its franchise can be successful anywhere in Africa.

According to Sunday Times Markinor 2007 brands survey; Chicken Licken is the second biggest fast food brand in South Africa. Chicken Licken is the biggest non-American owned fried chicken franchise in the fried chicken industry worldwide, also chicken liken is an extremely innovative company with unique menu items.

The product or service of each company
Romans Pizza strive to provide the best quality pizzas at the best value for money. As founders of the 'buy one get one free', Romans Pizza has set an industry benchmark in terms of value for money. Romans Pizza offer the consumer a choice of either deep pan (thick base), or traditional base (thin base) pizza. Pizza is Roman’s major line at the moment and constitutes up to 80% of total sales at some stores. Romans Pizza has a combination of restaurants/take-aways as well as take-aways only, in the group. Romans Pizza’s current focus is on setting up take-aways only.

At Romans Pizza they specialise in fast food service and their focus is on Pizza. They have identified their product and they put all the energies behind that product to make it better. This means the business is focused on one narrow market segment. Romans Pizza has variety of menu items...

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